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Select a team to see schedule

Sync Schedules to Calendar

You can sync the schedules to any calendar.  When you are in the schedule, select Sync All Events to Calendar in the upper left corner and it will show you instructions on how to add it your calendar on your smartphone.


CFISD Athletic Participation Form Instructions


  1. Please go to:

    • You can use computer, tablet, or smart phone

  2. Read the directions

  3. Click blue Start online Forms at bottom of page

  4. You can choose to create an account or just go straight to forms.

    • If you choose to set up an account next year you can log in and your information should be pre saved.

  5. At top of screen please fill out required fields

  6. Click on each square that you acknowledge and fill out rest of form. Please make sure you electronically sign. Click Submit.

  7. Click red arrow “go to next form”

  8. Fill out completely and then click submit

  9. Click red arrow “go to next form”

  10. Fill out form and then click submit

  11. You have completed now completed the online section of forms for your child. A medical history and physical will be sent home prior to May 4th when we have physicals at Cy-falls from 3-6:30 for $20 cash only.

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